A new season, and some changes

Hey Fans, we're back!

Summer break was a blast and now we're getting ready to jump back into the band. We have some exciting changes for the upcoming year and we wanted you to be the first to know.
1. Unfortunately, due to scheduling conflicts and other stuff Maya Haddock has left the band. She'll be missed. After re-evaluating what direction we wanted to go we decided to audition lead guitar players in the next month. We'll post it here (and at our schools) when auditions begin.
2. We will be heading into Studio 1A at KUT to record a track for The Girls Rock Alliance CD that will be available on iTunes. We're rough because we haven't played all summer, so we're not sure what we are recording yet.
3. We decided that we wanted to play more seriously and will be looking for U18 bookings starting next month. It will be nice to get paid too (including our stickers and chocolates).
4. Even though we haven't played together all summer, we have some new original music and another great cover that we will be working on for our upcoming shows. Our set sounds good.

Ok that's all for now.
Charlie BelleComment