On Saturday Charlie Belle went into Studio 1A at KUT and recorded two tracks, one will be on a Girls Rock Alliance compilation CD. (We'll let everyone know when it's available on iTunes.) I can't begin to say how much of a blast it was. We showed up at 11am, and the sound engineer John showed us where to set up the drums and our other equipment. Our band manager Terri Lord was also on board. She is such a huge help. Without her, our parents would be clueless.

It was a long, long, day that got even longer when we were bumped from the studio at 1pm because Alejandro Escovedo came in to broadcast live for an hour. THAT WAS AMAZING. He was sooooo nice, and he laughed that our band was first named Rank + File, just like his was. He left a pick behind, and it's now safely in my guitar bag. After that forced lunch break (yum, Torchy's Tacos!), we headed back into the studio. We ended up recording "Uros Buros" and "Wish You Could Understand" and by 5pm my mom had enough and announced that "we were wrapping things up so she could go home and crash." :-)

Being at KUT was just so great. We were in the exact same studio that the *stars* record "Live From Studio 1A", and for a day, we got to see what it was like at this end. John was super nice, and patient, and once while we were recording, he stopped mid-session and asked "Who's chewing gum?" Gyasi smiled, and spit it out. The microphones were so sensitive that it picked up on his chomping.
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