Pre-screening party @ Cheer Up Charlie's

Seems like we keep get asking back to Cheer Up Charlie's and we're psyched! Last night we played the pre-screening party for the theater release Strange Powers: Stephin Merritt and the Magnetic Fields at The Alamo Ritz. Many of you know back when there were just two members of the band (and we called ourselves Rank + File) we filmed a video for that movie singing Strange Powers. We were sooooo young, and Gyasi didn't have many of the fantastic drum fills back then, that he does now, but the video still kicks butt. Since doing the film, the song has become a staple in our set, and it brought the crowd to their feet last night. The Alamo will be playing all 6 of the music videos (5 other bands) before all 3 screenings of the movie.

But back to the show. We had a blast playing to a very very welcoming crowd and had the chance to be fans when our own band manager Terri Lord played an acoustic set of original songs with cellist Molly Fisher. Yeah we thought Terri only kicked butt on the drums too, but were we wrong! They were fantastic. If they don't plan to play together more often, Austin is losing out.
Charlie BelleComment