Happy New Year!! You can buy our single!

Back from the holidays. How was yours? Ours was great. Michelle and family did a bit of traveling, and Jendayi & Gyasi stayed in Austin and just chillaxed. Back to school.

The music. Our single on the Girls Rock Camp Alliance: 2010 International Camper Band Compilation is out! We submitted "Wish You Could Understand" which we recorded in KUT's legendary Studio 1A a few months back. There are 18 tracks on the CD (each can be bought individually for $0.99) and they range from extreme beginners to more polished tracks. All of the proceeds will go towards supporting Girls Rock mission. We are so happy to have been included in this compilation. You can find the CD at CD Baby.

While we're on the subject, this is a a great site!! Three cheers for the independent musician.
Charlie BelleComment