SXSW 2011

One word: blast! Ok, another word: tired!

Once again we attended SXSW and it was a tiring blast. We caught some music on E. 6th St, S. Congress, Waterloo and yes we were a part of the madness called The Strokes (it was awesome!). Our plans got all jumbled up again because we kept hearing good music on our way to other good music. On Thursday we started out at Cheer Up Charlie's hanging out at "Moby's Vegan BBQ" but left before Moby came on because we heard Black Joe Lewis and the Honey Bears was playing at Waterloo (he was awesome!--no really please please catch one of his shows). We tried and tried to get naps in between day and night but that never worked out. After our set at the Girls Rock Day Party we stuck around and heard great music from Thao and Las Robertas, we even hung out to hear Jean Grae.

me & Black Joe Lewis
We played 3 shows ourselves and it should've been 4 but the cops shut down our last show at Cheer Up Charlie's at 8:30pm on Sunday. Their permit ran out at 8pm so even though we got bumped to later, had sound checked and was standing on stage, the cops said "no way!" It was a school night anyway so we had to pack up and get ready for bed anyway.

Our Saturday show was probably one of our best to date (sorry no video). We were squeezed in between the "real" bands because the guy who booked us thought we were just some dumb kid's band. We rocked the house with the 3 songs we were supposed to do but then the crowd had us do one more. We showed them. Geez he could've just read our website: "yeah we're kids, but we rock!"

It was a great SXSW but no time for rest. Three shows next weekend. Details coming soon.

Oh yeah, congratulations Schmillion on winning the Best Teen Band at the Austin Music Awards again. You guys rock!
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