The Chronicle & Soul Tree Collective--do those mix? They did for us.

Last night we went to The Chronicle spring party, which always has good food and nice people like Cindy Widner and Margaret Moser. While we were getting food we got recognized!! Yeah it was like "Hey I know you. You're Charlie Belle." Man we felt like stars. Apparently there's been "buzz" about us in the building. That's so cool.

Later we headed over to 12th & Waller and jammed with Soul Tree 5. Brandon Larry (singer-UT student), Phil Adair (keyboard-HT student), Richard Reily (bass-HT student) and Tyrell Elegonye (lead guitar-UT student) all met last year when they auditioned for Soul Tree Collective, the brainchild of Homer Hill. The musicians who passed the audition were mentored as a U-21 group with a goal to showcase at The Urban Music Festival. They are so good! Old school R&B, Soul Tree 5, decided to stay together after the festival and see where their music can take them. When we arrived, we expected peers, but were excited to be able to play with college students. Tyrell was so patient teaching "Rock With You"--he's a natural teacher. We're excited to see them expand and start playing around town. Auditions for this year's band is in a couple of weeks (info on website) and the new band (Soul Tree 6?) will showcase at The Urban Music Festival next year (which, by the way, is usually the week after SXSW).