This is the busiest time of the year for us. Gearing up for SXSW, recording our first EP, collaborating with Smart Girls At The Party...whew.

SXSW: Our SXSW dates have been posted on our site. We love it when our fans come out to our shows and this year we have some VERY family friendly shows, like Girls Rock Austin at Cherrywood Coffee House on Friday March 16th and TX M.I.L.K. where mom's (and Charlie Belle) will take over the stage and rock on Sunday March 18th.

Recording: Fans of Charlie Belle remember when we recorded a rough track of Wish You Could Understand in Studio 1A at the legendary KUT a year or so ago. It was the version that used to stream from our website. Well we went back into the studio a short time ago and recorded 7 tracks at Ohm Recording Facility. Bryan Nelson was our recording engineer, and Chico Jones did all the mixing. We are working to put this together to make our first EP, which we hope to sell during SXSW, but in the meantime, you can hear both Six and Wish You Could Understand stream from our site.

Free Music: Our new single is available for free (name your own price). It's called "Six" and is the newest original song in our catalog. We will be performing it live in front of audiences during SXSW this year. While Jendayi was in the process of writing the song, her parents posted an acoustic unfinished video on YouTube of the song. If you want to see a song in process, it's great. (FYI: When Jendayi is looking up and smiling, it's because her mom is sobbing her eyes out listening to the song for the first time.)

Smart Girls At The Party: A few years ago, Smart Girls At The Party got in touch with Jendayi and asked her to film a postcard to Austin. That collaboration opened the door for Jendayi becoming an official correspondent for SGTP during SXSW. Jendayi will be a roving reporter, attending shows and interviewing bands (and some famous special quests). A Charlie Belle performance will be recorded for their show and we will be interviewed by a very famous celebrity. We're very excited, and stay tuned for more updates.

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