School Has Started!

About 2 weeks ago we started school (big sigh). Huge change for all of us. Gyasi started 6th grade--"real" middle school (at SF middle school starts in 5th grade). The biggest change for him has been getting a locker this year. Alex and I started high school. He's at McCallum Fine Arts Academy and I'm at The Griffin School. So far so good. Alex is readjusting to going back to school after having been homeschooled for a year, and I am adjusting to a completely new environment with a new rhythm, friends, clothes (yeah!), and schedule. We'll be checking in but in addition to trying to maintain our gig schedule (and after school sports, lessons, homework, and hanging out), news updates will be fewer. We do send out a Charlie Belle update about once every month or month and a half to our fans, so if you want to know what we're doing and where we're playing  join our fan list on our "extras" page and it gets sent right to your inbox. that we've updated our lives, the music. We're always asked, "Who are our influences?" "Who do we sound like?" "What genre do we play?" and most of the time we just don't know how to answer. Our "sound" is based on what I write. Sometimes my mom says my song will sound like Feist or St. Vincent. Other times, when the song has a more soul/funky feel, she'll notice that I sound like the R&B-esk Corinne Bailey Rae. My writing has become more metaphorically, probably because I'm trying to channel Alex Turner of The Arctic Monkeys. And when I hear TV on the Radio, I want to be in their space, but I don't write like that and Charlie Belle doesn't play like them. So usually I just say, "We play Indie/Pop," which I guess means, our music is not typical pop, nor indie, but I think many of my songs could play on a radio station like WXPN or KUT. I think that it's a good thing that I can't figure out who we sound like because then Charlie Belle sounds like Charlie Belle.

Here's The Arctic Monkeys "Crying Lightning" live in the studio. (Ok, those Brits....sheesh. Anyhoo, the video won't play within my site, but clicking the arrow gives you the option of viewing it on YouTube. I would click "yes.")

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