And heeeeereeeeee's Zoe!

2012 was a GREAT year for Charlie Belle. If you've been following us on Facebook or Twitter then you've been keeping up with the news. Well we're happy to announce the newest member of the band, Zoe.

Zoe is a bass player who's been playing for about 5 years. At 13 years old, she fits comfortably right in between me (14) and Gyasi (12). Her expertise is only surpassed by her grade point average and her dedication to the band has been invaluable. Zoe is a GRA alum and is a long-time fan of Charlie Belle. This is not her first time out however, Zoe along with her sister Mia were the short-lived yet highly praised band The Sisters Grimmm. Having shared the stage with Schmillion and Melissa Bryan, The Sisters Grimmm was ready to set Austin on fire until different personalities broke up the band (hello Oasis). Anyhoo, we are so psyched that our schedules opened up and allowed for this collaboration. In addition to the electric bass, Zoe is a stand-up bass player as well (watch out Esperanza), which will round out our sound for acoustic sets. 

Come out Saturday Feb 9th at Cherrywood Coffee House to see Zoe's debut. 

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