AMP Unwind at The Moody Theater

Much of the last month has been preparing for what we believe was one of our most important gigs to date. When we were asked to perform at ACL Live at The Moody Theater as one of the bands on the bill for the AMP fundraiser, we were speechless. Not only would we be able to support an organization that supports musicians in Austin, but we'd also be on the bill with Mother Falcon, Erika Wennerstrom from The Heartless Bastards, Shakey Graves, The Bright Light Social Hour, and Alejandro Escovedo. Yup, Charlie Belle. So how was it? Better than we could've ever expected. We played a 5-song set of all originals and debuted a new song Get To Know Me (Mudtracks) that features Zoe on an unbelievable bass solo. As with all of our songs, what you first hear may not be what the song ends up being. In the case of Mudtracks we plan on softening up the drums and guitar during Zoe's solo so you really feel the impact of how amazing it is. You can check out the entire 20 minute set on our YouTube page where we created a playlist to make it easy to sit back and enjoy.

In addition to the incredible sound, lighting and acoustics at The Moody, another perk of performing that show, was having Randy Cremean from Soundcheck Magazine take amazing pictures of us. We've had great photographers take great pictures of us before, but we've never had them published online outside of our website and our social media sites. 

Gyasi taken by Randy Cremean for Soundcheck Magazine

Gyasi taken by Randy Cremean for Soundcheck Magazine

You can check out more pictures of Charlie Belle and the other artists at the AMP Unwind Gala at Soundcheck Magazine.

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