Introducing Plotter--as seen through texting.

During SXSW, Call Us Walter, a pop-up ad agency, had an ad competition for start up businesses. The winner was Plotter.


Plotter is the 1st app that uses maps u can share with ur peeps.

[If I mapped where the best espresso milkshakes r in Austin, anyone could look at my map?]

It's cooler than that, but yeah.

[That's cool.]

Yeah I know. My mom said that when we drive back to Philly, Plotter would be great to find food spots on the way.  

[That's cool. So what's up?]

Remember when Call Us Walter asked Charlie Belle to play a gig? Everyone who was working there had been singing Six all day and couldn't get it out of their heads.

[That's cool.]

(IKR?!) The next thing we knew, they made a web commercial showing how to use Plotter USING CHARLIE BELLE AS AN EXAMPLE AND SIX AS THE SONG! 

[That's cool. Y r u yelling?]

Sry, but I'm not kidding. Six is on another commercial. It's cool bc it shows how Plotter works by mapping all the things that Charlie Belle had to do b4 the gig. 

So, if you can't stop humming the song (like the folks at Call Us Walter), you can download Six for free by clicking our "Music & Videos" tab. And obviously, download Plotter. It really is cool.

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