Our Summer Tour Was A SMASHING Success

Greetings! Our first tour ever is over and we had so much fun. To get our feet wet we headed out to gig at Girls Rock Camps in Texas and each one was amazing. The coolest thing about Girls Rock is that each camp or after school program is unique to its city and varies based on demographics, culture, region and even language (shout out to Girls Rock Paris, Norway, Poland, Germany, Iceland, Finland, Sweden, Canada, and the UK).  

We kicked off the tour in Austin--home--and like always, these are some of our favorite fans. Maybe its because some of the campers remember when Zoe and I were campers and interns, or because they're used to seeing Gyasi schlepping around equipment but they know us. The volunteers and staff watched Charlie Belle grow and become who we are today and now support us when we're gigging around town. It's great. 

We then headed out on the road to Dallas (2nd year--congratulations), Corpus Christi (Chicas Rock & Turntable Academy), Houston, and back to Austin again for the grand finale. Why yes, we're tired, but the experience was one of a kind. Not only did we get to meet rising rockers but we learned a few things too: bring lots of stickers, new Sharpies, and a great book for the long car rides).

We're so psyched about the tour, that we have our eyes focused on the East and West coasts as well as overseas for 2014! 

Thanks Girls Rock for embracing our effort, making us feel welcome (and like rock stars), and for reminding us that this organization is the reason why we're here. 

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