....And In Between.....

The No Insecurities Tour was great, but in between those tour stops we managed to squeeze in two gigs and one dress rehearsal that were fun in and of itself.  

First: Holy Mountain (Batman)! We got to run through our set on stage at the fabulous Holy Mountain back in July. I know what you're thinking, because we were too: like Austin needs another live music venue in the Red River/6th Street District. But boy were we wrong. Holy Mountain is in the building where Beauty Bar used to be but you'd never know it because it is, well, beautiful. The stage has been moved from the awkward space by the garage-type door and is backed by reclaimed wood. There is absolutely no "party" smell, the sound was impeccable (thanks Baine!), and the bathrooms were fantastic and clean. No, really. I always think that if the bathrooms in a place are this nice and clean, then the rest of the place--where they prepare food and where we can see--must get at least the same attention. Yes, technically it's a bar, but I THINK all or most shows are 16+ (please check first and don't go down there saying "Well Charlie Belle said you'd let me in!"). Great bands like The Boxing Lesson (Ben Redman's, of Residual Kid, other band) play there and hopefully Charlie Belle will follow in their footsteps. If you want to check it out, Holy Mountain is a venue during AMP's United We Jam Festival August 23-24 (which, by the way is just $5).

Ok, next stop: We closed out Teen Week at Austin International Airport with two sets on the Roy Benson stage. I can't tell you how much we love this gig. It's one of the only reasons why I'm so glad we're still so young--at least 3 more years to play this stage during this week. It is a joy to be able to play to people who are waiting to travel places, who may not have a chance to see us in the city.  

The next "between the tour gigs" was back at the legendary Moody Theater. Charlie Belle was invited to play The Austin Business Journal's 2013 Profiles in Power award ceremony. I guess you could say we moved up a bit. We got the dressing room that Cypress Hill had, and were the only band playing the event. John Craig of KUT did amazing sound for us, and The fed us lunch. All in all, I have to say that this is probably our favorite venue to play in Austin (how could it not be) because of the sound, the dressing rooms and working with the great staff at The Moody. 

Last but not least, we were on KOOP--we'll I'm typically always on KOOP Youth Spin as either a host or engineer on Fridays 6pm-7pm, but this time we were one of the featured bands on Idea Lounge hosted by Khotan. We were representing Girls Rock Austin and a benefit to gather used instruments to be donated to kids in need. We performed Get To Know Me (Mudtracks) and answered questions. It was great being on the other side of the mic at KOOP and it really made me appreciate when I have guests come into my show.   

The summer was much more packed that we had expected, and it doesn't look like we're slowing down for the fall. Check out the Gigs page to see where we'll be next.


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