Two great shows, in two short weeks (well 3 really): Part I: Girls Rock Indeed

We're sure it hasn't gone unnoticed that there are only 2 more shows left on our calendar (well 3, but we'll get into that in Part III) and people have been asking us why. Well the short story is, we're focusing on opening up our horizons and we're hoping to have some out of town dates in support of the EP release in January, so if you want to see Charlie Belle in Austin, now is the time.

Next week we have the pleasure of supporting the organization that has supported us. Girls Rock Austin has been in our lives for the last seven years (we have been performers, campers, volunteers, interns, helpers [shout out to Gyasi], and counselors!), and we're always honored to give back when we can. This year their fundraiser The Girls Rock-A-Thon will be held Wed 10/22 at Cheer Up Charlie's (some of our favorite people) at 8pm, and tickets are only $15. What makes GRA shine is it's true commitment to bringing programming to ALL girls in and around Austin. It's a cause we can get behind. Because the focus is about empowerment, girls who attend get support in anything they want to do--even if it is rocking (thanks)!

See ya at the show!


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