We know we promised PT2 & PT 3....

Sooooo much has happened since we posted a couple a weeks ago. Yes we rocked Girls Rock! It was a wonderful show. It was our first time seeing The Applicators, who've been gigging around Austin since before any of us were even playing instruments!!

Part 2 (as promised): Right on the heels of GRA was Art Outside Art & Music Festival. Once again, it was a great time camping and bonding with other bands and families out in Apache Pass. We were fortunate enough to see Only Human light up the stage on Saturday night and it was fantastic. Ian's vocals never disappoint and Lakota was on fire. We loooooooove this festival, and if we had it our way, we'd play every single year. Not just because we love playing festivals (duh) but because of the community surrounding the festival. It's easy to forget that we're there to perform, and regardless of if we ever get the pleasure to grace the stage again, we will be regular annual attendees.

Part 3: What would a post be without mentioning St. Francis School's annual Halloween festival, The Howl. We haven't played at the school in a few years and we were so happy that we were able to perform one last time for our most devoted fans. Gyasi is a "senior"--8th grader--this year, and it is his last before he heads off to high school in the fall. Since Gyasi started in 4th grade, the St. Francis community have been over-the-top supporters of Charlie Belle. At almost every single show, there are St. Francis students, teachers, or families in the crowd. Back when we sold tees (soon again we hope), someone was wearing a Charlie Belle tee every day. It was magical. Many thanks to St. Francis!

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