2015 Here We Come!!!!!!!!!

It seems a bit premature to be writing about 2015--I mean it's only 8 days into the new year--but so much is happening we wanted to just check in to keep you updated. 

First, as fans: IT'S FREE WEEK IN AUSTIN, YEAH!!!!!! For those of you outside our lovely city, Free Week is when a massive amount of local bands come out and play for free (well unless you're under 21, but more on that later) at a massive amount of local venues every single day for about 10 days. It's a chance for broke students like us to be able to support bands we love and to find new ones to follow. So if you live here AND you're under 21 you may have noticed that some of the venues have a cover (usually about $5) to enjoy the show. Ok, first, $5 to see 5 bands, not a big deal, right? I mean an amazing deal. And second, it's not like they can make money off of us buying beer, so pay the cover and enjoy the show. 

Here's an incomplete list of where we'll be during Free Week:

Alex Napping at The Mohawk • Residual Kid at The Parish • Danger*Cakes at Elysium • LesRav at The Mohawk • BLXTLN at The Blackheart • Mobley at Holy Mountain.

Second, Speaking of Holy Mountain, if you've been away from social media you might have missed that our EP release party is Wed Jan 14th (a day after the actual release) at Holy Mountain. This is one of the best venues in town and we're psyched to be sharing the bill with Manco and White Label Analog

Last, we're going to be on the air on Tuesday night!!! Local Licks w/Loris on KLBJ will host us in the studio live. We'll play a couple of songs--acoustic--and talk about upcoming news. If you're in Austin then tune in to 93.7FM on Tues 1/12 11pm (CST) to hear us. And if you're out of town, you can listen online while it's happening.

More exciting things to come.

UPDATE: ELYSIUM IS +18!! Nooooooooo! 

If you're going out to see Danger*Cakes on Thurs (tonight), please do us a solid and post some pix. #sweet16notsosweet

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