It's All Fun and Games Until It's Not

It’s taken a while to process what has recently happened to us and a little while longer to see if we should mention this at all, but in an effort to just vent and move past this we’re going to go into how we were swindled out of some money and a very important press campaign.

Press is extremely important to us as musicians and currently there are many ways to do it. For our first 3 EPs we decided to hire a PR agency to handle the pitches that we were unable to do ourselves. There are no guarantees and like with many musicians, we have to save money in order to be able to afford this service.

Our past PR agencies were fantastic (shout out to Fanatic Promotion and Manimal PR), but at the start of our recent campaign another agency was recommended as our press agent was leaving her job. We had several agencies to consider and we decided to go with [name redacted]. After all the contracts, and deadlines were agreed upon we sent money via Paypal and then…nothing. Not a thing. Not even a word, despite our constant emails asking about placements.

About 2 days before the campaign was to begin we received an email that “no one decided to pick up the music so the agency was ‘going wide.’” Then came the emails accusing us of missing deadlines (to provide links) which were untrue, and basically telling us that “this is the business.” A few professional emails (from us) showing the date stamps on correspondence, and severing our relationship, the PR agent agreed and offered to return 1/2 our money.

Whereas we’re grateful that we got 1/2 our money back, we’re left without any press to announce our third EP Like I Love This. And although this should be a joyous time, it’s become quite hectic so we’re using the power of our fans to spread the word.

If you loved us in the past when we were just kiddos, then I promise you’ll love what we have now. We’ve grown up and so has the music. The EP releases in Sept 25th. Stream it on Spotify and if you still buy music, download it from where you get your tunes.

P.S. The recording industry can be shady and fickle and we do consider ourselves grateful that this is the first (and only so far) outwardly worse** we’ve had to deal with.

**Racism and sexism is everyday, innit?

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