SXSW Here We Come (Again)

When you grow up in music and you grow up in Austin, SXSW is just a given. We played our first “day party” in 2008 (yup) at Hotel San Jose. Our entire set was 15 minutes including covers! (To be fair, I was 10 and Gyasi was 8.) Since that debut, we’ve played many day parties and then eventually graduated to sponsored day parties (like Amy Poehler’s). In 2017 we played our first Official SXSW Show (and was the featured band for the official Austin Chronicle edition) and it was a blast. Last year during the festival I was studying abroad in Melbourne Australia so I can’t express how excited we are to be back at SXSW as an official artist. We'll keep you updated for the days & times of our shows.

sxsw2019_yt (2).jpg
Charlie BelleComment