Bella + Canvas Short Sleeve Round Logo Tee. This is our newest, updated modernized Charlie Belle logo which you see all over the internet, on our drum kit (and even our CDs!). Simplistic design on a super soft tee. If you like band tees, this will quickly become your favorite. Sizes: L, XL


Ditto but in heather pink.
Sizes: M(only 3 left), L, XL


Bella + Canvas Short Sleeve Classic Original Logo Tee. This is Charlie Belle's classic first logo (c. 2008) designed by then 8 yr old drummer Gyasi Bonds 10 years ago. We thought we'd revisit "our first" and offer it to our fans again. Sizes: L, XL


All of these 5 songs were written between 2011-2013 (released 2014), and were recorded at East Austin Recording Studio with James Stevens producing. They're classics, not just to us but to our fans who have been around since the beginning. Check out the videos if you get a chance. They're cute and we're young in braces.

Track list: Get To Know, Shake You Off, Metaphorically Speaking, Key To My Heart, Under The Rug


This. Here's the logo we're currently rocking on the drum kit, on our business cards, and all around the internet. The tees are a variation of this, and the CDs are a colorful version but here's the original. Simple, nice, and they look great on the backs of cars.

All high quality and weatherproof. UV cured inks that are fade proof, and scratch proof.


Our 2nd EP came out in 2015. Signed by Fanatic Records, we recorded at the label's Art Farm Recording Studio in Accord NY with Sean Boyd producing. If you want to get your groove on, two R&B-ish inspired songs should be right up your alley. Otherwise, we stay close to our indie roots.

Track List: I Don't Want To Be Alone, Petting Zoo, Speak Your Mind, You Don't Know Me, Find You


2 FOR $1 (for the smallest)!!
Ok, we're gonna be honest here, we ordered these high quality weatherproof stickers and some of them came back a wee bit smaller than we anticipated. So we made some into magnets. They're cute, for real, but small, so we're sending 2 for $1. (1.5”x2”)

If you’d like a bigger one, they’re $1/ea. Please specify size, sticker, magnet, or one of each. (1.5"x2" or 2.5"x3")


Our 3rd EP (2018)and our favorite so far (aren't they all). This one was originally recorded as a 10-song LP at Orb Recording Studios with Matt Noveskey from Blue October producing. At the last minute we decided to split the LP into 2-EPs. All of these songs were written during a time of transition and are about loss, anxiety, love, indecision, and power over bullying.

Track list: Growing Pains, Essay, Like I Love This, Few Minutes Off, They Will Try