Our newest video is the title track from our EP "I Don't Want To Be Alone." It was filmed by Justin Wilson Liberal Media Films with assistance from Timothy Phelan. We shot this at our friend's house Katy McMackin and put a call out for anyone who wanted to "hang at the pool, eat pizza, and be in a cool music video." Some of our friends thought it would be cool, and what you have is the result of just that--chillin' by the pool. Considering this was the first video shoot for just about everyone, it was a job well done. Justin knows how to get the shots he needs quickly and deliver a fantastic product. We urge musicians to get in touch with him and try to get on his busy calendar (he's currently filming a Toadies video in Dallas). 

We also wanted to thank Katy and her parents for allowing us the use of the house and especially all of our friends who showed up and all of our friends who showed up but who didn't make the final edits. We have no control over what makes it in and what doesn't so we wanted to make sure everyone knows that if we had it our way EVERYONE would get their 15 seconds (it's a video!) of fame. 

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