Whip In Residency

Early in April we were in upstate NY recording new music and we're debuting those songs in May at a Wed night residency at local favorite The Whip In. Outside of Austin it might seem strange to play weekly at an Indian restaurant, but inside of Austin, it's common to be able to experience live music, eat great food, drink good beers (well that's what our folks say), and to be able to do all of this with kids, parents, and music-lovers all in the same space. It's why we wanted to play here. That, and The Whip In has consistently supported us throughout our career. We've been playing there for the last 5 years. Anyway, we're stoked to be able to hang with our friends at The Whip In and we hope you'll be psyched to hang with us too. Namaste y'all. 

Charlie BelleComment