May has been great!

This past month we really got into great rhythm with Alex Freeman, who is our "go to" bassist for local and regional shows. Alex's style and expertise really shine in our set and sometimes it's hard to pull back from the groove. We're bumming that we won't be playing with Alex again until August (unless a miracle opens up in his schedule AND we happen to have a show), but we're psyched that he'll get to head on up to Berkeley to fulfill one of his artistic dreams. His summer residency will just put him that much closer to realizing his long-term goals.

Tonight though we're sharing the stage with Deven Ivy of the much talked about band Residual Kid! He's an all around great musician, and for those of you used to seeing him front his amazing band as the lead vocalist and lead guitarist, tonight he'll pick up the bass playing role for us. Asking Deven to play bass was easy given his skill, but tricky since he's a sought out musician. You never know if you'll see him backing Hunter Sharpe as the drummer or rhythm guitarist, or rocking in one of his side projects, Pangia or Party Van. It's gonna be fun for sure.

So as we are finishing up our residency at The (Fantastic) Whip In, it has been soooo much fun. New songs, new bassists, new fans. We've said it before and we'll say it again, we love this place. People talk about how badly musicians are treated all the time in Austin but they never really shout from the mountain tops when musicians are treated wonderfully. Well, we're shouting. The Whip In is great.

Charlie BelleComment